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Straight Shooter

Ed Arrighi is a National and World Side by Side Champion and National Helice Champion, as well as a top class NSCA Sporting Clays competitor. He teaches at and is affiliated with The Carlisle Academy. Ed and his associate, the legendary Dan Carlisle, produce an extensive line of instructional shooting videos.

“As a longtime shooting instructor and seasoned competitor, I know that acute vision is the most beneficial trait a shooter or hunter can possess. I love challenges, which is why I test my skills in one of the toughest of all shooting competitions – the Helice.

Helice, also known as ZZ and Electrocibles, originated in Europe as a replacement for live bird shooting. Unlike the clay sports, where the shooter knows where the target is coming from, in Helice the targets appear at random from five or seven boxes in front of the shooter.

The target is a brittle, orange plastic propeller, eleven inches across, that flies irregularly to mimic the flight of a dove or pigeon. Wind causes the target to fly even more erratically. Ultra-quick, accurate vision is vital, since the target must be hit within a specific time period. In other words: it’s very difficult!

Unfortunately, as the 2006 World Double Gun Helice Championship approached, it was evident that my age was catching up with me, and my vision just wasn’t as sharp as it had always been. I knew I needed an answer – and fast. Luckily, a friend who was always up on the latest industry trends and secrets introduced me to Claroxan™, and after researching the concept and the company, I decided to give it a try.

As early as the second day, I began to feel an increase in what I call “lubricity.” My eyes simply felt slicker. Over the next few weeks, there was a noticeable increase in my visual acuity. I simply saw targets faster and more clearly.

On the first day of the competition, armed with a renewed sense of confidence, I strolled in like a gunslinger of the Old West. This wasn’t the OK Corral, but I felt like Doc Holliday.

It was obvious in the first round: I couldn’t be beaten. Claroxan™ gave me an extraordinary increase in the speed and crispness of my peripheral vision, allowing me to instantly pick up and lock in on targets coming from all directions.

It was almost an unfair advantage, and was a key element in my victory!”
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