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Claroxan™ Original contains the following ingredients:

Grapeseed Extract may help to lessen the strain that bright light causes to the eyes, and contains polyphenols, which have high antioxidant value. Grapeseed extract may also help to inhibit the growth of cataracts.

Citrus Bioflavonoids are extremely advantageous to eyesight. They contain potent antioxidants that can help to improve vision and are not naturally created by the body, making supplementation important. In addition, citrus bioflavonoids aid in the body’s ability to absorb vitamin C.

Gingko Biloba helps to increase blood flow throughout the body, including to the retinas. In doing so, along with providing an increased amount of nutrients to reach the retinas, it can guard against deterioration. Gingko biloba may also be beneficial to those who already suffer from deterioration of the retinas by assisting in the preservation of vision.

L-Glutathione is also an antioxidant and helps to counter-effect the damage caused by free radicals. It has also been shown to aid in inhibiting cataract growth.

Bilberry can improve eyesight due to its antioxidant properties and, used as a preventative measure, can guard against retinal damage. In addition, it helps to improve blood flow to the capillaries in the eyes.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin are both xanthophylls, which have been shown by research to aid in the maintenance and support of optimum ocular function and protect vision. Additionally, they have been shown to promote superior eyesight, in some instances improving contrast and visual acuity, and may aid in the prevention of eye disorders. The possibility to protect eyes from free radical oxidation with the use of antioxidants has been shown by research conducted on lutein, zeaxanthin, and the chemistry of the macula. Xanthophylls protect the eyes from light-induced oxidative damage, which triggers macular degeneration and the formation of cataracts.

Claroxan™ Advanced contains additional ingredients:

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine has been shown to protect the eye from light-induced damage, and it may also help to treat vision loss caused by the effects of aging. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine can also raise levels of beneficial glutathione within the body.

Lycium can assist in the absorption of nutrients within the body as well as help to stimulate blood flow. In addition, lycium is used to improve blurred vision.

Eyebright is known as such due to its use to treat infections and straining of the eye. It is also used to treat ocular problems resulting from conjunctivitis.

Elderberry Extract contains anthocyanins, which help to prevent oxidative damage. The effects of this damage on the eyes are thought to result in many ocular issues, including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, both of which can lead to blindness.
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