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Wild Pacific Salmon
Discover the health benefits of wild caught Pacific salmon

The sea of the Pacific Northwest provides a multitude of fresh foods with incredible health benefits. From ancient native people to modern day foodies, fish and shellfish have long been a favorite of Pacific Northwest culture. A tendency for residents to rely on the many super-delicious and super-healthy foods of the region is part of why cities like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington are consistently rated as the healthiest in the country. Of all of these foods, it could be said that wild caught Pacific salmon (like Coho, Chinook and Sockeye) is the one super-food that truly defines the region’s healthy attitude and how it relates to food.

Salmon boasts plenty of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Together, these fats promote healthy blood flow and keep triglyceride and cholesterol levels in check. They also reduce clotting in the blood. These characteristics make eating salmon a great way to lower the risk of heart problems. According to The Mayo Clinic, “If you're worried about heart disease, eating one to two servings of fish a week could reduce your risk of dying of a heart attack by a third or more.”

DHA and EPA provide a boost to mental performance and ocular health as well. In fact, the DHA/EPA Omega-3 Institute says that DHA is “now recognized as a physiologically-essential nutrient” to the retina and the brain. The fats may also help to provide protection against cataracts and chronic dry eye. And inadequate levels of DHA and EPA are related to neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and depression.

Heart, brain and vision health in one food sounds pretty great, but the list of benefits of salmon doesn’t stop there. From reducing painful, disease-causing inflammation and strengthening the immune system to keeping skin healthy and beautiful, the powers of salmon are as varied as they are strong.

So, why it is so important to eat wild caught salmon, as opposed to farmed salmon? There are several good reasons. Wild caught salmon are stronger and healthier. They swim miles and miles in the clean, open sea. Farmed salmon live in cramped pools where water quality is not at its best. Wild caught salmon eat a natural diet of nutritious algae. Farmed fish eat food pellets or grains. The uneaten food and waste sit in the water with the farmed fish, contaminating the water and compromising their health. These conditions leave farmed salmon with less usable omega-3s and more omega-6 acids than wild caught. The balance between the two fats is important, as omega-6 acids actually promote inflammation.  The conditions also make antibiotics, food dyes and pesticides necessary for the farmed fish. And these added components alter the flavor and healing properties of the farmed fish.  Add to that the fact that farms negatively affect wild fish and small hatcheries and the choice seems clear: wild caught is the way to go.

Do your taste buds and your whole body a favor and add some wild caught Pacific salmon to your diet. Check out our salmon/seafood category if you’re interested in purchasing wild caught salmon and/or other delicious seafood.
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