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SWAT Commander
Maintaining Eyesight Means Shooting Well

If someone asked you to rate your vision on a scale of 1 to 10, wouldn’t you love to be able to reply emphatically that it’s a ten?

My name is Lt. Eugene Jankowski of the City of Batavia (NY) Police Department. I’m also the commander of an 18-member SWAT team that I helped form in 1996.

Recently, I noticed some subtle changes in my visual acuity. It was difficult to put my finger on it, but as I went after my goal of becoming a Master shooter, I wasn’t seeing the front sight very clearly.

My eye doctor confirmed that my eyes had changed. I ordered a new prescription for my shooting glasses, but when I resumed my training, I was still only seeing at about 85

Right about that time, I saw fellow law enforcement officer and competitive shooter Robert Vogel featured in a gun magazine, endorsing Claroxan. I was intrigued. Out of ideas, I placed my first order that day.

And I'm glad I did. Confident, I entered the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship down in Cave City, Kentucky—my first ever 3-Gun. It was the perfect place to test Claroxan in a difficult environment.

In the 3-Gun, you’re using shotgun, rifle and pistol in different order, while crawling through tunnels, climbing walls, ducking under branchesit is intense.

At Blue Ridge Mountain they had many small, 5-inch gray steel targets randomly placed in the dark fall woods. While some guys were running past targets hidden in the shadows, I was able to recognize the targets quickly and see my front sight clearly as I engaged them.

The fatigue factor you normally feel in rigorous shooting competitions was simply not there. My eyes were locked in from start to finish.

During the event, I met some great people, and when I told them it was my first 3-Gun, they couldn’t believe it.

I attribute a big portion of my success to Claroxan.

To Better Eyesight and Better Accuracy,

Lt. Eugene Jankowski, City of Batavia (NY) P.D.

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