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Lurosil joint supplement and Corduzin energy supplement
Lurosil and Corduzin Combo - 120 tablets
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Corduzin is a premium formula that may help increase energy, eliminate fatigue, support endurance, and promote cardiovascular and lung health.* Corduzin's ingredients include 60 mg of vitamin C, 30 iu of vitamin E, 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid, 110 mg of CoQ10, 100 mg of grape seed extract, 82 mg of fenugreek 4:1 extract, 80 mg of hawthorn berry, 80 mg of green tea extract, 47 mg of cinnamon bark, 45 mg of turmeric (95% curcuminoids). A number of athletes take Corduzin and Lurosil together for endurance, mobility and flexibility support.*


Canadian Competitor

An age group athlete addresses morning aches with a new 


Carolyn Silvey from Toronto ON competes in about 10–12 races each year ranging from 5ks to half marathons to duathlons and triathlons. She is a constant top finisher in all her races. She is a two time World Duathlon AG champion, two time World Duathlon AG silver medalist, Canadian AG record holder for the 10 miler (1:07:57 time), and a Canadian Ranked Masters Runner with a marathon best of 2:58. 

Carolyn went into the 2011 running season in great condition and ready to compete. But she was dealing with morning aches and stiffness in her knees that made it hard to keep up with the extensive training she was doing. Training six days a week is never easy on the body, especially when your body starts to get up there in years. These morning aches were becoming a constant annoyance.

But then Carolyn noticed an advertisement for Lurosil in the June 2011 issue of iRun magazine. Lurosil was developed by a skier in Whistler, British Columbia who was tired of sore knees. Lurosil was designed to eliminate knee pain, reduce the breakdown of cartilage, improve mobility, decrease inflammation, and increase flexibility. 


Carolyn decided to try Lurosil and she reports the results to be very good. She says that Lurosil has helped a lot with her aches and stiffness and that she wakes up feeling more fresh in the morning. The reduction in achiness has allowed her to keep up with her training while eliminating a lot of the pain.

When Silvey called Pacific Health to order more Lurosil she discovered another product called Corduzin

Corduzin was developed to help increase lung capacity which helps improve endurance. Corduzin’s unique proprietary formula promotes stamina and reduces fatigue. The ingredients are believed to help improve heart, lung, and circulatory health. Corduzin is completely safe and legally recognized by governing bodies worldwide.  

Carolyn has been using Lurosil and Corduzin together for about a year now and finds that it allows her to continue competing at a very high level. Her knees feel great and she trains with an intensity we can all admire. She just qualified for World 70.3 IM in Vegas and will be competing for Canada in the World Olympic Duathlon Championships in France later this year. Go Carolyn!

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