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Bryan Morseman

Bryan Morseman is an elite marathoner from Addison, N.Y.  He is one of the toughest competitors in the sport today. 

To give everybody an idea of Bryan’s mental toughness and awesome attitude, check out the letter he wrote us on Monday 10/31/11, after running the Cape Code Marathon the day before.

“I ended up getting 9th this past weekend at the Cape Cod Marathon with a time of 2:37, there were 50mph winds and cold weather made it very unpleasant to run in. The whole state of MA was getting hit hard with snow fall. I actually got trapped in the snow on the highway and turned a 7hour drive into 11. We did not get into where we were staying until 11p.m.-ish the night before. And every hotel was booked so we had to stay in the car. Oh well, It was a great run leading up to my goal (the Philadelphia Marathon in 3 weeks)!” 

We are very proud to sponsor Bryan’s athletic endeavors and wish him the best of luck this marathon season. To learn more about Bryan, visit these links below:

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