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Pass Your Medical

If you need to pass the vision portion of your medical this may be of benefit*

I am writing today because I wanted to share some information about eye health with you that might help you prolong your flying career.

Consumers of a certain age are interested in products that support them in their desire to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

That's why Pacific Health has been partnered with AOPA for fourteen years to spread the word about an eye health supplement that may help you continue doing what you love to do for a longer period of time.

Flying is an activity that can inflict damage on your eyes over time.

Working above the clouds leads to higher than normal levels of exposure to short wavelength blue light which increases the risk of age-related blindness.

When blue light is absorbed repeatedly for many years it can cloud the crystalline structure in the lens of the eye causing cataracts. It can also hasten the degeneration of cells inside the retina and macula, resulting in a significant loss of central vision. Claroxan Advanced may help you address some of these issues.*

What is Claroxan Advanced?

Claroxan Advanced is a dietary supplement formulated with high-quality ingredients designed to support and maintain eye health and certain important visual functions so that you can stay active and continue to do what you love.*

The Claroxan Advanced formula contains ingredients that are key components of macular pigment.*

Benefits of Claroxan Advanced

Claroxan Advanced contains ten ingredients that have been studied for eye health properties, two of which consist of xanthophyll found as color pigment in the retina and macula of the human eye.* This pigment is thought to function as a light filter, protecting the eye tissue from sunlight damage.* These critical components serve as biomarkers of visual function and recent studies suggest they may enhance eyesight in terms of contrast sensitivity, visual processing speed, and glare recovery.*

Claroxan Advanced also contains a powerful antioxidant ingredient that appears to support the walls of the tiny blood vessels that feed the cells located inside the macula.* The progression of macular degeneration is associated with the walls of these blood vessels wearing out. This degradation disrupts the exchange of fresh oxygen for waste products in the cells of the macula, causing waste to build up and the macula cells to fail. Antioxidants in Claroxan Advanced may help stabilize the unstable, free radical molecules associated with this process.*

Claroxan Advanced also contains some of the more esoteric eye health ingredients that you won't find in your basic drug store brand - such as selenium, riboflavin, bilberry extract and proanthocyanidins - things that have been used in alternative and complimentary settings and other holistic healing approaches.

Claroxan Advanced is classified as a dietary supplement. You don't have to see a doctor to get it. It doesn't require a prescription. It is a once-daily tablet taken orally. It provides considerable peace of mind when thinking about the long-term possibility of cataract surgery or intra-ocular syringe injections that some macular degeneration treatments require.

Claroxan Advanced goes beyond your typical eye health supplement. The product's foundation is rooted in innovation and provides superior value and consistent, high-quality. The brand has been trusted and preferred in the aviation community since 2005.

Pilots, law enforcement officers and ordinary folks everywhere choose Claroxan Advanced to help keep their eyes in shape. Whether it's in the cockpit, on the beat, in the batting cages, or at the computer screen, Claroxan Advanced supports pilots, cops, athletes, office workers and other high performance individuals who rely on their vision to succeed so that they can continue doing what they love.

To learn more or to make a purchase click on one of the product links on this page. Shipments usually take about a week after ordering to arrive.

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